How to Create a Company Profile on LinkedIn?

With times, market competitions get tougher and maintaining the top player tag in the industry
becomes more challenging. Having an impressive and effective LinkedIn profile for a company could
be the best solution to expand one’s business and have a wide reach. Before detailing how to create
a company profile on LinkedIn, let us go to the basics.

Need for LinkedIn Company Profile

For the uninitiated ones, LinkedIn is a great platform for promoting one’s company and business
alike. If used wisely, it can prove to be a boon for small, middle and big sized businesses. A LinkedIn
company profile can easily expand your professional network and grab attention of any particular
target audience in accordance to your business type. For a newly started business, it serves a great
launchpad, get noticed by the world and get wide reach. In case of an established organization, the
LinkedIn profile could help to continue remaining in the limelight and further enhance business
growth. To stay in the business race, it is important to make use of the modern technology and
social media tools in the right manner. Amongst that, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that one cannot
take for granted. If you have never considered this angle and new to the world of LinkedIn, then we,
as the writing experts can guide you and provide the right assistance to establish a strong, online
identity for your company.
Like Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn seems to be the new-age, hotspot social media networking
platform with a tie and professional lingo. It has to be treated with due respect and maintained (or
updated) from time-to-time basis. Having a company and brand is not enough in today’s world.
Besides having a dedicated workforce, the organization must have its supporting pillars online to
have a virtual identity and wide reach. Amongst them, LinkedIn takes the top slot when comes to
online promotion and expanding one’s client base. It is therefore, very much essential to have a
linkedin business page for one’s company. It is good if your company has its page on LinkedIn. If not,
it is never too late to begin. Moreover, things just don’t stop at owning a linkedin business page. You
have to keep it active to keep your company and its brand or services in limelight consistently. So,
for those who are new to this game, let’s begin with “giving birth” to your organisation’s business
page on LinkedIn.

How to Create LinkedIn Company Page

For starters; it is very simple and easy process. If you have a profile on LinkedIn, then go to the
‘Work’ section on the top of the homepage, in the right corner.
Then you need to select ‘Create a company page’. There you will get 2 options – ‘Small business’ and
‘Medium to large business’ – you have to pick the option according to the business size of your
Once selected, you will get a list of empty columns under ‘Page identity’ which you need to fill in all
the details regarding your business. It includes: Name of the company, its website link, industry type,
company size, company type, company’s logo, etc.

Towards the end, you have to give a ‘Tick’ on the self-declaration section to verify that you are an
authorized representative of the company (for which you have created the business page) and have
the rights to manage the account for the same.

Things to Consider After Creating LinkedIn Business Page

You might probably find some initial road blocks after creating your linkedin company page. For
those who have recently started their LinkedIn page, there are chances to receive the error message.
The reason is that you might have no or less connections. It is recommended that you built your
network of connections so that your LinkedIn business page will have a good and seamless launch.
Once your LinkedIn company page has been formed, it is your responsibility to keep it updated on
timely basis. This is where the section ‘Start building your page’ comes in. The tip here is to refrain
from adding all your details or important information altogether, at once, while creating the page. It
is better to keep some details on a reserve so that you will have something on hand to add regularly.
This will help in ‘updating’ your business page and stay refreshed and optimized on the virtual

When it comes to ‘About’ page, ensure to have an impactful content – something that will catch any
reader’s attention. Also, take care to update the ‘Employee’ section. It is very useful to give an
authentic touch to your LinkedIn business page.
The bottom line is put the best foot forward in order to give a good impression of your company to
the professional world. So, keep it simple, appealing and clear.
By hiring professional LinkedIn profile writing services, you don’t have to worry about missing the
social media bandwagon and marketing trends. You can easily maintain your professional online
presence with the help of experienced LinkedIn profile writers, who can skillfully elevate any kind of
business or brand.

Professional profile writers will know the tricks of keyword optimization and how to promote a
company’s profile according to its business nature and audience. No matter how small or big a
business is, they will be able to craft unique LinkedIn company page and blend strong wordings to
create the best impression on any reader, potential customer or stakeholder.

Wondering how to create LinkedIn profile for a company?

Leave this task to us! It is advisable to allow experienced writing professionals like us to handle the
LinkedIn business page of your company. We have enough expertise about content marketing to
know the challenges within social media networking sites today and implement the right kind of
strategies for an individual client’s business profile so that its page garners positive results and
spreads word to its target audience.

If you have a personal LinkedIn page and want to launch a company profile under the same, we can
provide assistance for that as well. Just as it is important to create LinkedIn company page,
maintaining and updating it from time-to-time is equally essential. We can help you to establish your
valued organization in the professional community firmly by providing impactful and unique content
for your LinkedIn business page. Our dedicated team of writers can assist you in building your
company’s identity, its brand and services professionally and manage its reputation in the web
world. Our LinkedIn profile writing services are guaranteed to yield desired and quality results for
your company.
If you need any assistance to create a LinkedIn profile for company, then we can help you. Reach out
to us here.

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