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Terms and

Terms and Conditions

At, we aim to foster a relationship based on mutual trust and righteousness. We believe this should be accomplished with transparency in deals and clarity in communication. And we have drafted the following document to ensure we are on the same page with our clients regarding the terms and conditions of our company. highly recommends all its customers to read and comprehend it prior to availing themselves of our services. We also encourage you to contact us and seek clarification for any doubt that you may have about our terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all services and products of (henceforth also referred to as ‘Our Company’). Any disputes regarding the same shall be subject to interpretation by the laws of India.

Our company undertakes all works in the confidence that the clients have read, understood, and agreed to our terms and conditions of service.

The copyrights of all works including texts, pictures, graphics, ideas, and visuals shall remain a copyrighted property of unless explicitly confirmed in writing and after all due payments have been settled.

At any time during a project, the company may present multiple designs to the client to select. Only the design that you selected will be given to you by All other designs shall remain the property of unless specified otherwise through written communication from an authorized person of the company.  

Project Acceptance

At the time of the project proposal, will provide the customer with a written estimate through email. A copy of the same is to be signed and returned to the company demonstrating that the customer has accepted the terms.

Unless agreed otherwise, the client is required to make an advance payment of a minimum of 50% of the project quotation before the commencement of the work. The remaining, in its entirety, will be due upon the conclusion of work and before delivering the final output.

Source File

We will supply proofs of PDF and other files (as final output) as appropriate for printing/publishing or as specified in the project contract. The charges specified in the contract will only cover the final outputs. Any other source file or raw code, in any form or file format and was used for the project, shall remain a copyrighted property of If the client requires these files for whatever purposes they will be subject to a separate payment.



After completing the project, and before its release, the client will be provided with a Proof Email and an invoice. The remainder of the outstanding amount will become payable, and the customer will also be requested to sign and return an approval form as acknowledgment.

Any amount due for more than 30 days after the date of invoice will incur late payment charges from the date of due to the date of payment.


An account will be considered default if it remains unpaid for 30 days from the date of invoice. In such an event, shall have the authority to remove the customer’s material from the company’s systems and servers.

The removal of contents does not account for the wavering of the due amount. Customers whose accounts become default agree to pay all legal and accounting expenses and third-party collection fees that our company incurs during the enforcement of the debt along with these Terms and Conditions.

Copyrights and Trademarks

By supplying text, images, or other forms of data to to be added to the customer’s work, the customer asserts that it holds the prerequisite copyright or trademark ownership.

Any artwork, images, text, or graphics designed by our company on behalf of the customer will remain the property of unless otherwise agreed to prior and provided in writing. The customer is entitled to use the material solely within the scope defined in the contract, and for no other purpose. 

If the customer desires to use such copyrighted content beyond the original scope mentioned in the contract agreement, they should request written permission from Our company may exercise its discretion to grant this request and may charge for the additional usage.

Any software, code, plugin, or third-party material of any nature used in the client’s projects shall remain the property of its original creator. It will be subject to payment for license or upgrading by the client and not by

When supplying our company with images, texts, or any other data, the customer grants permission to use the material freely for the requirement of the work.

The customer agrees to remove and replace any image, text, audio, video, or other multimedia content that was considered royalty/copyright free and is later found to be copyright restricted material.

The customer agrees to indemnify from any damages – financial, legal, or otherwise, arising from the usage of copyright restricted material in their projects.


The customer agrees that all changes to the final output, except those explicitly defined in the agreement, are liable to separate billing. 

The customer also agrees not to hold accountable for any alterations made by any third party or the customer itself, before or after the work is published


All text, image, graphics, audio, or concept conceived by, or any of its subsidiaries, is licensed for use by the client only on a one-time basis. The customer does not have the right to refurnish, resell or redistribute such outputs without the prior written content of

For all design works where there is a risk of third-party copyright claims, the client should register the product with the appropriate authorities prior to publishing them. will not be held responsible for any damages caused by such claims.

Data Formats

The client agrees to’s definition of suitable means of supplying data to the company.


Textual data should be made available to in standard electronic formats such as valid text files (.txt extension) or MS Word document (.docx extension).

Images are to be supplied in formats requested by via email. The client is required to provide the image of suitable quality, and our company will not be held responsible for the image quality if the client later finds it to be unacceptable. cannot be held answerable to the quality of any image that the client wants to be scanned from printed material.

Processes like art direction, photography, media conversion, and image editing and color correction will incur additional charges. 

Project Duration

Any deadline given by for project submission is accepted by the customer to be an estimate. Our company shall not be held responsible for any project over-runs, for whatever causes. The estimated duration is counted from the date on which our company has revised the initial payment.

Rights of Access for Website Construction

The client agrees to allow essential access to its computer systems and other locations as required for completing web-based projects. Our company shall have the necessary username, passwords, permission to read/write files needed for the project until the projects are confirmed to be complete.

Design Credits

The customer agrees to allow to place a small credit, in the case of printed material, or a link to our company’s website in the case of web design. Such credits will usually be in the form of a small logo or a line of text located at the footer of the webpage. The customer also permits our company to provide a link to the client’s website in the company’s own site in the portfolio where it demonstrates its works.

Rights of Refusal will not, under any circumstance, oblige to the requests to add designs, texts, images, or other forms of data that it considers to be immoral, obscene, or illegal. All materials must adhere to the standards dictated by laws. also reserves the right to refuse to add a material submitted by the client without giving reasons.

The customer obliges to remove any content that our company has included if it is later found to be against the terms and conditions of our company.  Our company will not suffer any legal or financial penalty in such cases.

 Withdrawal of contract

If the client wished to cancel any work assigned to, they should initially intimate the company through telephone or email. It is mandatory to follow up with formal correspondence by a responsible authority of the client’s firm. In addition to the non-refundable initial deposit, the client will be charged for the work that has already been completed and is obliged to pay the dues within 30 days. The client is liable to pay the full cost of the project if the written confirmation of cancellation is not issued within 14 days.\

Disclaimer makes no promises regarding any of its products or series. Our company will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from the use of its products or services. Any claim against our company is restrained to the remunerations made by the customer.


The Terms and Conditions furnished here shall precede any former terms and conditions distributed in any form. reserves the right to modify any prices and Terms of service at any time and without prior notification.  

Law and Jurisdiction

In case of any conflict regarding its interpretation, these terms and conditions will be construed under Indian Law. Any legal dispute will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of place.

Acceptance of terms and conditions and quotation assumes that its customers have read, perceived, and agreed to these terms and conditions in full detail. The placement of an order for any service offered by our company is regarded as an acceptance of these terms and conditions.